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LEAF Commuting

 LEAF uses an online trip tracking program to encourage mindful commuting. Students may participate through both active and environmentally-friendly choices. The system allows users to see fitness gains and the environmental benefits of their actions. We invite all K-6th grade students to join us in this healthy initiative!

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Students will learn about ways to participate and how to check in to the system to receive credit for their round trips. Active options include walking, biking, scooting, and parking and walking from at least ¼ mile away. Other earth-friendly options include carpooling, taking mass/ public transportation, or traveling in an electric/ hybrid vehicle. All students will receive a unique QR code scan tag to affix to their backpacks, which requires no personal information. Scan tags should be saved to reuse each year.


For active commuting, we are very focused on safety. The idea is not to eliminate adults from the equation, but to encourage commuting together to ensure safety and to build awareness with ongoing conversations. For some, adults may always need to accompany. Our goal is to create a culture where active, earth-friendly commuting is preferred, traffic is reduced, and safety is improved for all.

How to Join

1. All students will receive a QR code tag and will be prompted on the first scan to select their homeroom teacher. No further information is required to participate.

2. Caregivers may opt-in by creating an account to receive notifications and/ or enter round-trip distance and preferred mode.

  • To receive email and/ or text notifications each time your student scans in, you may enter your contact information. Check your junk folder if you do not receive them. Please be aware that this notification may not be instantaneous and it is not a replacement for the AISD attendance system.

Questions about LEAF? Please contact the LEAF Commuting Chair. For more information, visit the website.

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