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Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Safety

At Lee, bicycle, scooter, and pedestrian safety are our top priority for all students. When students actively commute to school, there are great benefits to their health, to traffic issues, and to our environment. Here at Lee, we teach bicycle and pedestrian safety during PE. The following rules are shared with students: 


  • Before getting on a bike, check to ensure your tires are inflated, your shoes are tied, you are wearing bright clothing, and your helmet is on. It is illegal in Austin for anyone under 18 to ride a bike without a helmet.

  • Your helmet should be on the top of your head, not on the back of your head. There should be only a two finger-width between your eyebrow and your helmet, and you should be able to see the brim of the helmet when you look up.

  • When it is foggy or dark (especially shortly after sunrise on winter mornings), use safety lights in order to be visible. Inexpensive battery-operated clip-on lights are available online or at local sporting goods and bicycle stores.

  • Always stop at the edge of your driveway; never move into the roadway without looking for cars. (Note: 1/3 of fatal bike accidents happen at the foot of a driveway.)

  • Whenever possible, ride or walk with a buddy or group.

  • Ride in single file. If there is an adult riding with you, s/he should ride behind you so that you can be seen by and also hear your adult.

  • Use your eyes, not just your ears! Some cars are quiet, or a cyclist might be coming from behind you.

  • Remember to stop at all stop signs.

  • Don’t cross a street in front of a car without making eye contact with the driver.

  • Do not assume that you can safely cross the street because a rider or walker ahead of you did; cars approach quickly.

  • Walk your bike through busy intersections and also when you are on the Lee school grounds.

  • If you are younger than 10, you should ride or walk on the sidewalk if available.

  • If you are 10 or older, you may ride or walk in the street.

  • When riding or walking in the street, always stay on the right side. Never ride or walk against the traffic, even if you are in a bike lane.

  • Before passing a pedestrian or another bicycle, call out, "on your left" so that they are aware of your presence and do not unexpectedly move into your path.

  • When passing a parked car, check behind you before moving into traffic. Pass about 3 feet to the side of the parked car so that you won’t be hit if someone inside the car opens the door.

  • On trash days, there may be garbage cans on the street/ sidewalks. Avoid darting into the street because cars won’t be expecting you.

  • Avoid riding in the “gutter” along the edge of the street where glass, trash, and leaves pile up.

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