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The association shall work to engage and empower children, families, and educators within schools and communities to provide quality education for all children and youth, and shall seek to participate in the decision-making process by influencing school policy and advocating for children's issues, recognizing that the legal responsibility to make decisions has been delegated by the people to boards of education, state education authorities, and local education authorities. Commitment to inclusiveness and equality, knowledge of PTA, and professional expertise shall be guiding principles of service in this association. 

The association shall work to promote the health and welfare of child.

How does the Russell Lee Parent Teacher Association help our school? Our PTA supports students, families, and staff of Russell Lee Elementary through a variety of initiatives, community building, and fundraising for the school.

Our PTA supports the following initiatives:​​

  • Creative learning initiatives

  • Professional development for teachers and staff

  • Food pantry and community care initiatives

  • Classroom supply stipend for faculty

  • Rewards and recognition for teachers and staff

  • Outdoor learning and classroom gardens

  • Front office support and administrative supplies

  • Community-building events like geography day, carnival, camping night, board game night, and Lee Olympics

  • Library support

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