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Russell Lee Elementary (originally named Robert E. Lee but changed in 2016) was built in 1939 among large, old Live Oak trees on Waller Creek, three blocks north of the University of Texas campus. The first students attended Lee in September of 1939. It was the first AISD school fueled by natural gas instead of coal. During the 1940’s the school became overcrowded as the community grew. In 1952, the “White House” was purchased by AISD to be utilized as a permanent building for Lee students. Over the years several renovations and additions have been completed for the Lee campus.

The gym and cafeteria were added in 1952. In December of 1986 three new kindergarten classrooms were completed. 

The library, computer lab and two classrooms were completed in August of 1988. New play equipment was installed in 1999 and a third playscape was added in 2001. The elevator and major electrical renovations were completed during the fall of 2006.

Some of the programs that Lee is proud to provide include a Fine Arts focus that involves a variety of drama, music and dance performances in the auditorium for all Lee students. Lee is the only elementary school with an auditorium that will house all the students at one time. Every student becomes a performer twice each year during programs that extend the curriculum. Geography Day, Science Fair, Lee Olympics, Music Memory, Art Enrichment, Spanish and gardening are current enrichments for Lee students. Lee students are from families with a wide range of nationalities, ethnicities, and languages. The school celebrates that diversity and the value it brings to the education of our students. Tomorrow’s world will need citizens who cooperate rather than compete, who appreciate people of different cultures and divergent views, who know how to cooperatively solve problems and who are able to build communities based on interdependency and mutual respect.

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