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About Us

Our vision is to shape confident and responsible individuals who strive to discover their full potential.

We achieve this by providing a welcoming, positive, safe, and supportive learning environment that values equality and diversity in order to celebrate the unique achievements of every student.

The Russell Lee Parent Teacher Association welcomes you to a new school year! As parents, we all encourage and support our children in their educational journey at our school. As a PTA, we work collaboratively to support our school through many events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities.

PTA is the largest child’s advocacy association; thank you for supporting our efforts to make every child’s potential a reality, and to back the future of our children! Our PTA is a powerful voice for all children, a relevant source for families and communities, and a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child. Please join our PTA here.

We encourage everyone to join us at our membership meetings! We know this academic year starts differently. However, in this time of crisis, our association remains committed to supporting and advocating for our families and helping them navigate the challenges that have arisen.

Lee Elementary PTA continues to serve our community by advocating for our students both within our halls and at home, encouraging collaboration between our school and the families we serve, and promoting the welfare of our youth as they grow!

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