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Scan Tags

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Each time a student engages in active or environmentally-friendly commuting, they may scan in with Safety Patrol at the two entry doors or use the fixed scanner mounted in the hallway outside the office. They will see immediate feedback with total trips, mileage, calories and CO2 reduction. Only one scan a day is required for a round-trip.


IMPORTANT: Please teach your student to scan in ONLY if they engage in active or environmentally-friendly commuting. This program works on the honor system! If your student forgets to scan in the morning, they can do so any time before the end of the day. Caregivers that opt to create an account will also be able to check commuter miles and associated statistics.


Your tag

Your tag is free! Please complete this form if your student needs a replacement tag. We are providing a zip tie to attach to your student’s backpack. Please save and reuse scan tags each year.



Read more about For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the LEAF Commuting Chair.






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