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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does my student join LEAF Commuting?

Great question! View how to join LEAF, the Lee Environmentalism And Fitness Commuting program.


What do I get for being a member of LEAF Commuting?

More exercise! Better self esteem! Less traffic! Cleaner air! Students will see the fitness gains and environmental impact they make with their choices.


What are the rules for bike and pedestrian safety?

View the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Guidelines.


What are the safest routes for biking and walking?

Our Safe Routes to School Map shows existing sidewalks, bike lanes, and relative traffic levels on nearby streets. 


Can students participate if they aren’t able to actively commute from home?

Yes, families who cannot actively commute safely are encouraged to park and walk from greater than 1⁄4 mile away as shown in the Safe Routes to School Map. Other earth-friendly options include carpooling, taking mass/ public transportation, or traveling in an electric/ hybrid vehicle. 


What if I lose my tag?

If you have misplaced your tag, you may request a replacement here. The new tag will be delivered to your child's homeroom teacher's mailbox within 1-2 school days.


I forgot my scan card – can I enter the trip later?

This feature was purposefully left out by the developer to encourage student responsibility.

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