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Tech Devices and Summer Vacation

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I've got this on a couple of printed papers going home, but better share it digitally. Hello, AISD has decided to send their tech device (iPad or Chromebook) home with your child for the summer break. If your child is not returning to Lee or another AISD school, then please remind them to turn in their device to the library before leaving school along with any hotspot you may have. Your child will come home with their device and charger (and a carrier for the Chromebooks.) Please help them to take care of it and use it responsibly.

  • Please keep food and drink away from the device.

  • Please power it off (shut down) and wipe it down with a damp towel at least once a week - outside, keyboard and screen.

  • Please keep it charged - try not to let the battery go below 30%.

  • Please do not take it on vacation with you - It’s hard to get a Chromebook back from Washington DC. :-)

  • Please have your child practice keyboarding and signing in with their username and password, not just the QR code. Please ask Mrs. Day if you don’t know what it is.

  • Although Epic will not work in the summer if you don’t have a subscription, your child will be able to access all the district databases through the MackinVia app in the portal.

  • Please save anything downloaded or created on iPads to a personal google or apple account so as not to take up space on the device. If you sign in to the device with your personal apple account - please sign out before returning to school. Many school apps won’t work if a parent is signed in with a personal account.

  • Please remember to return with a charged device and your charger on August 16.

  • If you have any problems with your device over the summer you can call the AISD Help Desk. 512-414-HELP

  • If you move over the summer please email so we can set up a time and place for you to return your device before you move.

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